2016 Gallery - Where in the World is TSC?


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قم, قم ایران


, 台中市 台灣
, 台中市 台灣
, 台中市 台灣
, 台中市 台灣
, 台北市 台灣
, 台北市 台灣
, 台北市 台灣
, 台北市 台灣
, 台北市 台灣
, 台北市 台灣
, 台北市 台灣
, 台北市 台灣
, 新北市 台灣
, 新北市 台灣
, 新北市 台灣
, 新北市 台灣
, 新北市 台灣
, 新北市 台灣
, 新北市 台灣
, 新北市 台灣
, 新北市 台灣
, 新北市 台灣
, 桃園市 台灣
, 桃園市 台灣
, 桃園市 台灣
, 桃園市 台灣
, 桃園市 台灣
, 高雄市 台灣
, 高雄市 台灣
, 高雄市 台灣
, 高雄市 台灣
, 高雄市 台灣
, 高雄市 台灣
, 高雄市 台灣
, 高雄市 台灣
, 高雄市 台灣
, 高雄市 台灣
, 高雄市 台灣
怡君 Lulu 魯 Luu
台北市 台灣

我是怡君,22歲,住在台北,我是結節的患者,平日常為癲癇發作困擾。 I'm Lulu, 22 years old, living in Taipei Taiwan. I'm a TSC patient, Usually often plagued by seizures of epilepsy.
Carlitos Gómez
Los Reyes de Salgado Mich. México

Carlitos is my best teacher of life, suffers crisis, but it never removes the most beautiful smile in the world, it is my strength and taught me to see the new day with a sigh and a blessing 👦👏👏👏👏
Ángeles Delgado
AL España

Hi! I'm 32-year-old teacher. I was diagnosed at 5 but never had seizures. I have AMLs that cover both of my kidneys and angiofibromas but I am living a normal life so far! Happy TSC global day to everybody!
Joann P. Sparks
Edgewood MD United States

We found out that I I have TSC at the age of 7 months
Nicole Kent
Hallstead PA United States

Nicole is a 30 year old woman who was diagnosed a few days after birth. she is a caring, loving person. She loves animals, drawing and computer games. She has a dog, Ollie who never leaves her side.
Leo Troy Farmer
Nottingham England United Kingdom

Leo has been battling tsc2 mutant gene, rhabdomyomas and wilms tumour in his upper left kidney. He's had 4 surgerys for central limes in and out, 2 surgeries for kidney and tumour removal, 6 months of chemo and a ridiculous amount of bug and viruses that required hospitalisation. He rings the bell on 5th may 2016 after his final chemo. He is 4 years old and one of 3 siblings with tsc2 gene mutant.
Esther Näslund
Kalmar Kalmar län Sverige

We love our doughter Esther, is a strong girl!
Justin Ulrich
Hanover NJ United States

I am a 42 year old male, who has been dealing with TSC for the past 6 years. I have a brain tumor, which causes me to have severe seizures, migraines, vertigo, and nausea. I've been on numerous pharmaceutical medications to combat these issues, without much success. Approximately two years ago, I was introduced to cannabis, and it has completely changed my life for the better. I haven't had a seizure in about a year and a half now, and have become an advocate for the use of Medical Cannabis.
Alanna Spotts
Prior Lake MN United States

Sawyer is a sweet, smart, and curious 18 month old who continues to astonish us with his accomplishments, despite his recent diagnosis of TSC.
Makel Church
MI United States

Here is, Maven 3 years old and Willow 6months old, they both have TSC2.
Isabella Parsons
QLD Australia

Hey, I'm Isabella and I'm a twenty something young woman with TSC. Mostly, my TSC has been mild, however I have quite a lot of angimyolipomas on my organs so I am getting support for that to keep them monitored. I believe that it is extremely important to increase awareness about TSC and over the years I have actively and openly talked about TSC to my friends and family so that they can understand this genetic condition.
Ciudad Juárez Chih. Mexico

Es mi hija 25 años, actualmente nefrectomía derecho, riñón izquierdo trae pocos angiomiolipomas, toma el sirulimus 2mg al día. Topamax para las crisis epilépticas.
Asher Pretto
Baton Rouge LA United States

So proud of our little Asher man! The past four years have been a long journey, but we thank God everyday for all the blessing He has provided. Happy 5th Birthday buddy!💙
Hadley Myers
Everson WA United States

Hadley's TSC was discovered at birth. She began having infantile spasms around 5 1/2 months and were controlled about 6 months later just before her first birthday. They have caused her to have a slight delay but she is catching up nicely and starting to crawl. She is a very happy, sweet girl.
Menbug Band 士捷/伯軒/智宥
台北市 台灣

There are 4 members in this band。Three of them are TSC( see photo). Papa Lee who is another patient's father has created this band three years ago. They also have some chances to perform. They find their confidence and happiness on the stage. They are really lucky guys.
Christal La Fountain
NJ United States

Diagnosed as a middle-aged adult with tubers, SENs nodules, angiomyolipomas, I finally had answers to so many things. I'm not the labels I was given before my diagnosis. Instead, I am: strong, an artist, a fighter (often angry at this disease), a creative problem solver, I always find a way, funny, a mother who is grateful for babies that made it and sorrowful for a baby who didn't, a proud grandmother, I am loved and love. I AM TSC but TSC will not own me.
Наталья Артеменкова
Орёл Орловская обл. Россия

Нашей дочери Виталине 3 года. Спасибо большое всем, кто нас поддерживает и помогает в борьбе с ТС! Желаю, чтобы все кто болеет стал здоровым!!!
angelina hernandez
Lakeland FL United States

Hello my name is Angelina, My son Josue was diagnostic with TSC when he was born on 2011 he has a twin brother that doesn’t have TSC. He was at the NICU for a month and we were told that he was going to live with TSC for ever. We didn’t know what was TSC, however, we did researched to learn about TSC and we had learned on how to live with TSC. Now my son is 4 years old and he is severely delay, he cannot communicate, and have many challenges.
Francisco De La Cruz
Panamá Panamá Panamá

Francisco es un niño diagnosticado con CET a los 6 meses de su nacimiento, pero desde antes ya había sido el gran milagro de nuestra familia. Su sonrisa es reflejo de su amor y su energía es el reflejo de sus ganas de vivir. No ha sido sencillo para nosotros vivir con esta condición, más Fran es el corazón y el motor de nuestra familia; él ama dar abrazos, jugar, correr, saltar, reír a carcajadas, comer, leer, bañarse, hacer tareas con mamá y estar en casa con las personas que lo aman.
Hannah Grace Jones
Monroe LA United States

Hannah Grace Jones (14) began having Infantile Spasms at 8 months old, later diagnosed with Epilepsy. After further testing, she was diagnosed with Tuberous Sclerosis Complex at 11 months old. Her seizures were controlled around age 3 with the help of 3 seizure medications. She has slight cognitive & developmental delay. She has tumors on Brain & Kidneys. She recently started seeing the wonderful Specialist at the TSC Clinic at LeBonheur Children's Hosp. in Memphis, TN. She is doing remarkable.
千育 林
新北市 台灣

千育 is 16 years old. He is unable to talk。He likes to take elevator very much。 He always press every floor button while entering. This movement often made others feel weird. It's so hard to live with TSC.
千樺 劉
高雄市 台灣

千樺 is 12 years old. She has a happy family. It's so lucky that she hasn't seizure after taking medicine for a long time.
士捷 賴
台北市 台灣

士捷 is 31 years old. He likes to sing and draw in his leisure time. Owing to his epilepsy doesn't control well,he must stay home and be a worker at home. He learns "computer graphic" when he was a student at school, that's why he can do this kind job at home.
Abolfazl Safari
قم قم ایران

Iam not patient now.
Berit Öberg
Stockholm Stockholms län Sverige

TSC Sverige TSC Sweden
Holly Laird
San Diego CA United States

This is Madeline. She is a year and a half and has been diagnosed since three months old. She was born in Okinawa, Japan where my husband was stationed. They had to move us to California after a medical work up at the Army hospital in Hawaii. She has had rhabdomyomas in the heart since in utero. Doctors think her Wolff Parkinson White Syndrome is caused by her TS. She has moved and been through a lot since finding her ash leaf spots at a check up. She is a very happy girl and lucky to have her!
家樺 石
高雄市 台灣

家樺 is in the 5th grade. She is very interesting in painting and always overcome epilepsy by this. Her mother is pregnant now and she is so happy to have a sister or brother.
芳芳 余
台中市 台灣

芳芳 is 16 years old. She is a TSC along with Autism. It's too difficulty to take care of her. She likes to play some puzzle games with I-pad. I wonder why she can play these game, Mon said it's from nature instincts.
沛 李
高雄市 台灣

李沛 is 15 years old. Her Mon always says 李沛 is a angel who is running against time because there are lots of tumors in her vital organ. She is not in a good condition and hard to take care of.
Owen Shortt
Pasadena MD United States

Diagnosed with Infantile Spasms and Tuberous Sclerosis Complex at 9 weeks old, our TSC Warrior Owen continues to fight the battle against TSC and epilepsy. Despite frequent and hard to control seizures, he is learning and growing and making our world brighter every day. <3
Berit Öberg

TSC familjeläger, Isaberg TSC family Camp,Isaberg
Keenan Creamer
Long Beach CA United States

Keenan is an amazing, happy, energetic little boy. He loves his family, preschool, and swimming lessons. Keenan was diagnosed at 2 years old, had brain surgery at 2.5 years old to stop his daily seizures. Currently he battles febrile seizures, a SEGA, and PKD.
cortny King
Philadelphia PA United States

My names Cortny King. I was diagnosed with TSC in utero. I've had seizures and have absent seizures now. I've also had the rabdo in the heart.
Mary-Sue DeFrancis
Philadelphia PA United States

Mary-Sue is a two year old TSC warrior. Mary-Sue also known as Peanut suffers from daily seizures, tumors on all parts of the brain, SEN's and a SEGA in the middle of her brain, headaches, and has 5 rabdo's in her heart. The rabdos are shrinking but the seizures continue and continue to get worse. She's been on several medications that only partly control the seizures.
Antônio Porto
RS Brasil

my son Anthony. Diagnosed with TSC at birth. is the most sweet and amiable children of the world . He came to teach us to value and be better at all. We just have to thank for its existence.
Music talented class Taipei
新北市 台灣

TTSC use some of donations to open a Music Class. The members of them are patients and their sibling.
竣名 李
新北市 台灣

竣名 is 3 years old. He is the elder of the twins. His brother is not a TSC. TSC affects everyone differently, even identical twins.
伯軒 周
台北市 台灣

伯軒 is 18years old. He will be graduated form senior high school next month. His mother wants to help him to find a job instead of going to school.
慧勳 李
桃園市 台灣

慧勳 is 36 years old. We can't judge her disease from her appearance. She also has lots of tumors in her kidney and had been treated by embolism 3 times. She has been working in TTSC office 10 till now.
薇珊 顏
台北市 台灣

薇珊 is 35 years old. She has been working at McDonald's fast food after she left school. She is diligent and introverted.
丞鳴 彭
桃園市 台灣

丞鳴 is 20 years old. He is a Sophomore in university. He likes to play jazz drum very much.
羽庭 鄭
台北市 台灣

羽庭 is 17 years old. She looks like her mother very much. Now she is doing "practice outside the school" She is getting better and better.
才沅 莊
高雄市 台灣

才沅 is 5 years old. He learns something in a kindergarten. He has a younger sister,her mother takes good care of them.
志宥 陳
台北市 台灣

志宥 is 13 years old. He likes to play drum and paint.
以欣 張
桃園市 台灣

以欣 is 19years old. She is a good looking girl and always focus on appearance. Her sister is a beautiful and talented girl, so 以欣 always takes her elder sister for a model.
佳霖 廖
高雄市 台灣

佳霖 is a serious TSC patient. Much more struggle and painful are for his parents to take care of him.
宜瑄 李
新北市 台灣

宜瑄 is 20 years old. She is working at MOSS BURGER store. Her voice is so beautiful that she can perform at the stage.
東茂/鎂伶 李
高雄市 台灣

東茂&鎂伶 are sibling. Both of them are TSC patients come from their father. Mother does everything without complaint.
芷寧 許
新北市 台灣

芷寧 is 11 years old. Her mother knows something wrong with 芷寧 when 38 weeks of pregnancy is coming. Even though, she insist on delivering her. It's a tough time to face it. Now, mother conquer lots of scares and deal with the trouble smoothly. She is really great.
Michelle Lumby
Wyoming NSW Australia

Our Son Oliver is 4 years old and loves the outdoors, swimming, books and Toy Story. Oliver was diagnosed with TSC prenatally at 28 weeks and has epilepsy, autism and developmental delays Despite his many struggles Oliver brightens up everyone's day with plenty of wonderful smiles and cuddles
Music class Kaohsiung
高雄市 台灣

Some TTSC family gather together and enjoy their time when they join this music class.
奕寧 黃
台中市 台灣

奕寧 is one only child in her family. She has been graduated from senior high school. Her mother hopes to find a safe working place to arrange her normal life.
智皓 楊
新北市 台灣

智皓 is working at a bakery store. He likes to do some wight training after work.
冠霆 李
新北市 台灣

冠霆 is 18 years old. He likes to play Taiko drum and makes soap by hand.
Haley Berry
Fort Worth TX United States

Haley is 28 years old. She was diagnosed at 6 months after receiving her DPT and having seizures. She's tough, funny and never meets a stranger.
智傑 楊
台中市 台灣

智傑 is 3 years old. His mother is a professional nurse and find the right way to treat him. Because early intervention is a good way to help those who developmental delayed child so that Mom take 智傑 to this kind institution teach him.
詩敏 吳
桃園市 台灣

施敏 looks great. She has a job and independent.
靜慈 陳
台中市 台灣

She is 22 years old. She stays home and helps her parents doing some housework.
聖軒 林
高雄市 台灣

He is 15 years old. He has been suffering epileptic seizures by birth. He should change the medicines according to doctor's instruction when he wasn't in good condition. It's hard to live with epilepsy.
舒瑜 游
台北市 台灣

She is 32 years old. She looks great, and we can't judge her a TSC from her appearance.
Guthmuller Morgane
Le Havre Normandie France

My name is Morgane, i 26 years old.
Brynleigh Shillinger
Frederick MD United States

Brynleigh is 2 1/2 years old with TSC1. She was diagnosed at 9 1/2 months at Children's National Hospital in Washington, DC. She has several tumors in her brain including a SEGA, uncontrolled seizures, rhabdomyomas in her heart and ash leaf spots on her skin. She is a happy, strong & brave little lady! We love her so much. We will give everything but up! #IAMTSC
政佑 郭
高雄市 台灣

政佑 is 18 years old. He is a pure and nice big boy. He always wears smile on his face. He is working at a small working place which belong to a disadvantaged social group.
柏良 劉
高雄市 台灣

柏良 is a shy and nice boy. He doesn't like to talk with those who are not familiar with.
浩廷 廖
高雄市 台灣

浩廷 is a happy and shiny young guy because of his beautiful and energetic Mom. We heard "Like father like son". They are a good example.
長霖 崔
新北市 台灣

長霖 is 8 years old. He wears a big black glasses looks like a comic boy walking from the book. He lives with his grandparents because of good care.
惠璇 林
新北市 台灣

惠璇 is 16 years old. She is unbelievable shy when she faces to not that familiar people. She likes Korea drama and song so much,and she tries her best to learn Korean language. How amazing she can speak Korean now.
偉凱 廖
新北市 台灣

偉凱 is 32 years old. His elder sister treats him very well.
善德/菽廷 李
桃園市 台灣

They are brother and sister. Younger sister looks better than her brother.
Shelly Meitzler
Wyomissing PA United States

Ashlin, 14 years with TSC & Mason, 2 1/2 years with TSC
Gage Behnke
Belvidere IL United States

Gage is 8 years old & in 2nd grade. He struggles a little in math but his reading level is way beyond his grade level :) He is 5 1/2 years seizure free & doing awesome! His favorite thing to do is play hockey.
Lisa Öberg

Jag är Lisa från Sverige. Här åker jag (i röda jackan) gokart på TSC sommarläger :) I am Lisa from Sweden (in red jacket) at our TSC summercamp :) I love gokart!
Benjamin Valdez
Honolulu HI United States

Benny is our TSC warrior and living in Honolulu HI.
Mikhail Almazov
Санкт-Петербург г. Санкт-Петербург Россия

Мише 6 лет, у него Туберозный Склероз.
Svyatoslav Glukhov

Son, 8 years old. Epilepsy began at 8 months.
Åsa Amundsson
Uppsala Uppsala län Sverige

Hello from Sweden!
Chloe Bredeson
Bluffton SC United States

Chloe Bredeson, aka "Super Chloe," is a 10-year-old girl fighting tuberous sclerosis complex and polycystic kidney disease. She is a sweet, fun, brave child who has inspired so many people with her courage and positive attitude. Chloe loves to swim, play soccer and make people laugh. Go, Super Chloe!
Taylor Rhoads
Dallas TX United States

Diagnosed at 18 months and is now almost 19 years old. She has always been in Special Ed classes but worked hard to "graduate" with a Certificate of Achievement. She is now in an Advanced Life Skills program which is helping with transition, job hunting, etc. Taylor is a happy and very caring person even with all the issues she has to deal with daily.
Aritz Ruiz Aguirre
PV España

He is Aritz, he´s 7 years old and he has TSC, caused by TSC1 gen . He was diagnosed 6 year ago. He has epilepsy, a SEGA and many tumor in brain, skin and two little in kidney. He is taken Depakine, Lacosamid and Clobazam and he is all right now. He doesn´t speak very well but is very happy and very sweet.
наталья смагина
Рязань Рязанская обл. Россия

здравствуйте.это мой сын Илья.он болен TSC. мы очень мечтаем вылечится.
наталья смагина
Рязань Рязанская обл. Россия

у моего сына тс мы очень мечтаем об выздоровлении.
SIdney Ruose
Carlisle Barracks PA United States

Sidney is our 11 year old TSC Warrior. She was diagnosed at 10 months with the onset of seizures. She has high functioning autism and epilepsy as well as kidney, heart, eye and skin involvement. Sidney is bright, funny and very artistic.
Назарова Елизавета
Курган Курганская обл. Россия

Нашей дочери Елизавете 1г.10мес. Спасибо большое всем, кто нас поддерживает и помогает в борьбе с ТС!
Misha Voloboev
Белгород Белгородская обл. Россия

Misha from Russia. He is 6 years old. Misha wonderful boy!
Алина Оганесян
Вязьма Смоленская обл. Россия

Алиночка 3 года
Evangelina Figueroa
Victorville CA United States

Evie is an 8yr old, almost 9, girl. She was diagnosed with TSC when she was only 3 months old. Sheven was also diagnosed with epilepsy, autism and a global developmental delay. She is also non-verbal, but is able to communicate in so many different ways! Evie is a very happy little girl and can brighten up anyone's day with her sweet smile! She loves to play patty cake, torment her brothers, and watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
Marija Morgasova
Сергиев Посад МО Россия

Maria cheerful girl, gentle, loves to swim, ride horses, play computer games. To engage with the dog. He loves his family, mom, dad and two sisters.
Виктория Клыкова
Калининград Калининградская обл. Россия

Веселая, любит музыку и животных!!!
Александра Климова
МО Россия

20 лет
Henrique Benck
RS Brasil

Henrique is a fighter and has overcame so many obstacles lately, autism is not making things easier! We have good days, bad days... and some we just try to forget.I can notice how exhausting it is from him to try to make sense of a world that does not speak his language. Just do not give up, son! Your battle is our battle! Your time is now! My very brave boy! https://youtu.be/VETZVEXcwLU
Abby Hase
Eden Prairie MN United States

Carefree, loving and always smiling. Abby has had 2 brain surgeries (age 1 & 10) to remove SEGA's. She is healing great and doing wonderful!
Elisaveta Bykova
Ульяновск Ульяновская обл. Россия

A little man who taugh to appreciate every moment of life. A new skill it is a heavy joint victory.
Abby Church
Indianapolis IN United States

2016 marks the 20th year of my diagnosis of TSC. I had a SEGA removed in 1996 when I was 13, and this resulted in a later diagnosis of TSC. I refuse to let TSC get in the way of my dreams and everything I've worked really hard to accomplish. I work at a world-renowned research institution and I am a PhD student in public health policy. I got married last year and he is happy to join me in my fight with TSC. I refuse to let it win. I will give anything but up.
Matviy Kontsevych
Львів Львівська область Україна

Matviy is a heartsome and sweet boy from Ukraine. He is 3 years old.
Ольга Горбунова
Тюмень Тюменская обл. Россия

Горбунов Игорь(18лет)- туберозный склероз, 46xyy хромосома, аутизм, тяжелая уо, эпи. Горбунов Игорь(11 лет)- туберозный склероз, умеренная уо, фармакорезистентная форма эпи.
Artem Chupin
Магадан Магаданская обл. Россия

My little son
Hadwan Mar'ie
Brunei-Muara Brunei

Mar'ie is now 5 and speech delay as told by the doctors. He can say few words which made us the parents very happy. The epilepsy happens almost everyday eventhough medication is given. We hope that the cure for TSC will be found soon.
Axelle Thieulin
Bonnétable Pays de la Loire France

ma fille 26 ans un grand bébé , qui est à la maison avec nous par choix ,pour le chérir , la veiller , l'aimer et lui donner tout
Nathan Haslam
Bewdley England United Kingdom

Nathan is 3 years old he was diagnosed with TSC2 at 7 months old. He's our amazing, cheeky, fun loving boy 💙
Hannah Bevins
Muskegon MI United States

Hannah, age 8 1/2 years, has never let TSC keep her down for long. Always with a ready smile and giggle to get through her day! From Muskegon, MI USA. Team Hannah is holding our 5th Annual 5K on September 17, 2016 at Funnell Field in Whitehall, MI. New this year is the Kids Fun Run- this free, untimed course around the park is open to walkers or runners up to 10 yrs, just like the 5K and ALL participants will required a waiver signed by an adult. Contact me for more information about t
David Earnshaw
Keighley England United Kingdom

My name is Max Mace and I live in Keighley West Yorkshire, England. I am #TSC I am 3 years old and love my Mum, Dad, and Big Brother Alfie very much.
Рита Соколова
Энгельс Саратовская обл. Россия

Рита-12 лет,больна Т.С. с рождения
Mariya Serebryakova
Серпухов МО Россия

Жизнь прекрасна...
Tiffany Harris
Charlottesville VA United States

My daughter, Aubree was diagnosed with TSC on June 28th, 2012, she was 6 months old. Now she is 4, ans suffers daily with seizures and many other issues caused by TSC. She is our warrior, our hero, our everything!!!
Jennifer Waldron
CT United States

Sherry Fuller
Woodland CA United States

Kylie 14, Paige 13 Sisters
Lesley Jackson
Montgomery AL United States

Natalie is 13 and was diagnosed at birth. She has epilepsy, add and a learning disorder.She had brain surgery last month and has been seizure free since. She has brain tubers and kidney tubers.
Everleigh Lauber
St. Louis MO United States

Evie is 17mo old, diagnosed at 9weeks. She has daily seizures, global delays, immense determination & an infectious smile. She has TSC but she is so much more!!
Caitlin Racenet
Wasilla AK United States

10 year old Caitlin was diagnosed with TSC at 1 year old and has been fighting bravely & gracefully ever since!
Deborah Cummings
Parkton NC United States

Be your own kind of beautiful. 26 mentally 2. TSC, Seizures and Autism. My nickname is Dac.
Johan and Lucas Rico
Reidsville NC United States

My boys where diagnosted with TSC before they where born after that they started to have infant spasms when they where months born and had some delays also but now My 6 yr old son is seizure free for 2 yrs goes to school acts like normal kids and My 4 yr old son still takes medication and goes to preschool and playa with other kids like normal kids and love them with all My heart no matter there condition #weareTSC
Nathaniel Curtis, III
Frederick MD United States

Nathaniel (Tre’) is 10 yrs. old & in the 4th grade. At the age of five, he started having seizures, and was eventually diagnosed with TSC. He has been seizure-free for about three years now. He does have some cognitive delays, and motor skill issues. However, he is a happy-spirited boy, and doing very well overall. He enjoys making new friends, and helping me cook…who knows, maybe I have a chef on my hands!
AJ Rackoff
Boynton Beach FL United States

#IAMTSC from born to life! And happy TSC Day
Hannah Scanlon
NSW Australia

I am 22 years old and was diagnosed with TS when I was 11. I had a few red spot on my face and a raised patch on my lower back. I was referred to a dermatologist and he diagnosed me. I have TS very mildly. I have a few tiny lesions on my brain, kidneys and lungs. I have angiofibromas on my face and I have had laser surgery about 4 times to decrease the redness. I have no other issues with my TS and my family are very supportive. I would love to raise awareness for this disease.
Frankie Fernandez
El Paso TX United States

My son is 32 yes old and was Dx. when he was 2 month old.
Olga Mokoseeva
Йошкар-Ола Респ. Марий Эл Россия

Ilya, 2 years, He can't speak, but he is a very curious, agile boy. Likes to climb everywhere and touch everything, listens to music. Suffers from seizures.
David Lorenzo
Marion OH United States

The strongest little boy you'll ever meet! Diagnosed at birth with TS... Diagnosed at 5 months with epilepsy, & age 2 with autism!
София Жук

Жук София. 2г.9м. Туберозный склероз
Демид Щеголев

Демид Щеголев 2г. 9м.Туберозный склероз.
Elliot Parfitt
England United Kingdom

I am 23 and was diagnosed at 7 months old after having infantile spasms. Amongst other TS related problems, I have angiofibromas on my face, and one large and several smaller angiomyolipoma's on my kidneys which are being monitored. Both me and my family hope that more people become aware of this condition.
Robert & Denise Spear
East Meadow NY United States

This is our TSC Warrior Alexandra. She was diagnosed inutero at 30 weeks. Rhabdomyomas were found on s sonogram. She has been seizing since she was 13 months old. She is autistic and delayed on every level. This year marks a huge year where she will be having brain surgery to try to eliminate a majority of her seizure activity. #iamtsc #TSCwarrior #TSCstrong
Lorenzo Emanuel Santos
MA Brasil

Este é Lorenzo Emanuel, 9 meses, foi diagnosticado aos 4 meses, ele tem tumores no cérebro e coração. É uma criança muito esperta, apesar de suas limitações, é muito amado e querido por todos da família e amigos.
Abigail & Amelia Cooper
Irvine CA United States

Abby and Amelia were diagnosed at 8 weeks. Amelia has been more impacted by TSC: seizures, epilepsy surgery, autism, global developmental delays and anxiety / Abby's greatest challenges have been SEGA surgery, depression and learning difficulties. We will give everything but up!
Daisy Schade
Bernardsville NJ United States

Daisy is 13 months and has beaten IS, but still faces complex partial seizures every day. She inherited TSC, but her affected parent is asymptomatic.
Brantley Yopp
VA United States

This is Brantley Yopp. He is 4 1/2 years old. He was offically diagnosed with TSC when he was almost 2 years of age after being hospitalized for seizures. Since then he has overcame many obstacles such as fighting for his life because of Steven-Johnson Syndrome followed by 2 brain surgeries which have now made him seizure free since October 10th, 2014. He has a long road ahead, but he will make it.
Daniel Orn Eythorsson
Reykjavík Höfuðborgarsvæðið Ísland

Our son was diagnosed with TSC at the age of 9. He doing well at school and plays handball with his local team Throttur. We are very proud of him.
Benyamin Garcia
Stockholm Stockholms län Sverige

Book loving, culture loving 16-year old boy. Bravely struggling every day with seizures.
Gia Mason
Springfield PA United States

Gia is 6, finishing up kindergarten, tough, kind and funny. TSC was discovered at 3 months of age. She's had countless medicines; been on two special diets; had too many seizures to count; and has seen so many specialists for the several areas in which she's affected. But, her stride in life enthralls us and everyone who meets her!
randy olivier
Corpus Christi TX United States

I am TSC , RANDY TRAVIS AGE 27, after being diagnosed at 18 months and my parents being told "prepare for a devastating diagnosis where I would be institutionalized by age 5 yrs and don't expect to live beyond 13" I showed them TSC wasn't ruling my life. .I graduated high school and am now employed providing for my beautiful wife and daughter in spite of 9 craniotomies SEGA tumors kidney lung and skin manifestations. I am TSC..TSC is not me
Teresa O'Brien
Evans City PA United States

This is Carson. Diagnosed with TSC at the age of 7. He is 9 years old and in the second grade.
Carly Kaye
Apopka FL United States

Logan is a spunky and loving 2 year old. At the age of 1, Logan started having complex partial seizures ultimately leading us to the diagnosis of TS.
Jerry Venters
Louisville KY United States

Dealing was TSC for over 10 years.
Rebecca Foster
Marietta OH United States

I'm a fighter and not backing down from this fight!
Anonymous anonymous
Bretagne France

3 ans, soignée depuis 2 ans par un régime Atkins modifié. Plus une seule crise depuis 5 mois.
Cristina Saganich
Greensboro NC United States

My name is Christa and I have been fighting this constant battle and complications throughout my adult life. After turning fifty I realized I needed a support group that knew of my everyday struggles.So I thought I would share them with you.
Winston Bleary
Toronto ON Canada

This is a genetoc disorder that was passed on from a family member
Patricia ASTB
Strasbourg Alsace-Champagne-Ardenne-Lorraine France

Une vingtaine de sympatisants, malades et amis ont marché ce Dimanche 15 MAI aux Marches de Strasbourg pour la STB ! Un LOGO : RUN FOR STB et Vivre et guérir la STB